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Somewhere between buttoned-up and over-exposed, it is possible to feel strong and beautiful; confident and comfortable. Designed for the contrasting characteristics of the feminine tomboy, FERN & FAUSTINE is for women who don't fit - or want to fit - stereotypes or absolutes about gender, style or personal expression. Women who have learned to love their femininity, but have never lost the tomboy inside. Our line is inspired by simple, brave lines, and colors that complement a diverse array of skin tones and identities. Developed with a social conscience, our clothes use locally-sourced natural fabrics and are made in downtown Los Angeles, CA.



The Designer

Nicoletta Nelson is an award-winning art director, creative director & designer. She's a stick-shift driving, motorcycle- and horseback-riding, yoga practicing surfer and skateboard enthusiast, gear head, writer, pianist, painter and thought provoker. Nicoletta has always been an enigmatic mashup of contrasts and seeming contradictions; traditional gender labels and roles never suited her well in life and the workplace. A free thinker and force behind the FERN & FAUSTINE label.

Nicoletta brings her talent and passion for design to the fashion world with FERN & FAUSTINE.  A collection that was born out of her desire to answer a simple question: Why do women have to choose between being an athlete and a brainiac, an artist and an entrepreneur, a girlie-girl and a tomboy? Can’t we be everything?

By bringing these contrasting identities together in her approach to design, Nicoletta hopes to give a stronger voice to women who are breaking molds and passionately living life.

A Los Angeles native, Nicoletta proudly designs and supports causes dear to her in the city that raised her - with her fun-loving pint-sized puggle, Matilda by her side. 

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